How to Protect your AC During a Hurricane Season

How to Protect your AC During a Hurricane Season

It’s that season again! No, No we aren’t talking about tan lines, or barbecues, we are talking about the scary “H” word. And not the h-e double hockey stick, “H” word. We are talking about hurricanes. Living in Clear water, Florida, hurricanes are pretty much unavoidable. However, there are some things you can to do get prepared. You know what they say? Better safe than sorry. Here are some tips they don’t talk about for preparing for a hurricane: how to protect your AC during a hurricane season.

Top 6 Tips to Protect Your AC During a Hurricane Season

  1. Secure Your Unit: over your outdoor unit with a tarp/plywood to prevent debris from getting inside the unit. Also, utilize hurricane straps which attach to your air conditioner to prevent fly-a-way units.

  2. Elevate Your Unit: All new AC units are required to have a slab of concrete between your unit and the ground, however, if you live in an area of extreme flooding it may be necessary to elevate it further. The evaluation not only prevents flooding the unit but it also keeps debris from sneaking its way in there. If you need help please contact a reputable AC technician.

  3. Plug In and Unplug: If you have a portable Air conditioner that hangs outside a window unit. Make sure to unplug it remove the wires from the window sill. To prevent any flying A/C units, or the units con-caving your window. Also, plug in a surge protector to prevent any unexpected storms knocking off the power.

  4. Turn Your AC Unit Up Higher: Everyone knows the humidity in Florida is not fun to sit through, especially when there is no air conditioning. Leading up to the storm turn your unit up a few degrees cooler than normal and lock in that airflow. Keep all doors and windows closed during this time to maintain the air for as long as possible.

  5. Turn Off Your Unit Before the Storm: I know, I know we just told you to keep on at a cooler temperature, but when we say turn it off, we mean right before the storm hits. It’s unfortunate to be stuck in the heat before you lose power, however, you could be saying your unit for way longer if you do. During a hurricane, you’re most likely going to loose power it’s inevitable. Turning it off before will prevent electrical surges during the storm, which will not only cause damage to your unit, but it could also be harmful to you and your family. This can truly protect your ac during a hurricane season.

  6. Do Not Turn On Unit After The Storm: It is important to inspect your unit and make sure there is not any debris inside. If there is, it could further damage your unit or it could even affect other electrical outlets in your house.

Get Emergency A/C Repair After the Storm

Although these are tips to protect your ac during a hurricane season we can’t always protect it. Even after all of the preventable measures, life happens.

If you need one of our experts to inspect your units before or after a hurricane, contact AM Aire today to schedule a review and diagnostic of your entire system. Our expert technicians will inspect each of your cooling and heating components and make sure they are working correctly. If one or more is not, we will recommend the best options for repair or replacement. You are not obligated to complete any repairs or replacements with us after this service.