Emergency Air Conditioning Repair - Top Reasons Why AC Systems Fail

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair - Top Reasons Why AC Systems Fail

If you live in the Tampa Florida or the surrounding areas, you know that when temperatures are hot, and your AC system fails, you have a serious problem. The fact is that you can prevent many emergency air conditioning repair.

Here are the Top Ways to Prevent Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Tampa:

  1. Improper Preventive AC Maintenance – Improper preventive maintenance leads to the most common reason for emergency air conditioning repair in Tampa, Florida. It is also the cheapest way to prevent costly repairs when it’s too late. Schedule at least one annual professional maintenance visit for tasks such as professionally cleaning and attending to system components and verifying fluid levels. These simple routine tasks are essential to the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your AC system.
  2. Inexperienced Air Conditioning Repair Technicians – Incorrect air conditioning repair by under experienced repair servicemen can not only be inconvenient and costly, but also lead to expensive and potentially dangerous conditions.   If the safety and reliability of your cooling and heating system is important to you, opt only for repairs by reputable, licensed and certified professional service techs.
  3. Outdated Air Conditioning Systems – Aging cooling systems are far more prone to leave you with an AC emergency in the hot Tampa summer heat. If your energy bills keep increasing each year, and/or you are paying for repeated repairs and emergency AC service calls, consider this rule of thumb: If the cost of your repairs is near 50% of the value of a new HVAC system, you’re typically better off  upgrading to a new, modern and efficient system.

Is it Time to Replace your Existing A/C System?

There are several factors that can be used to determine whether you should repair or replace your existing air conditioning system:

  • The realistic life expectancy and reliability of your current AC system
  • Available tax incentives and air conditioner manufacturer rebates
  • The benefits of a new air conditioning system’s full warranty
  • Efficiency and energy cost savings vs. the cost of a new AC system
  • R-22 refrigerant phase out – If your air conditioning system was manufactured before 2003 it probably uses R-22 to cool your air. R-22 will be phased out completely by 2020 and will no longer be available. Thus, if your old AC needs refrigerant after 2020, replacing your entire system will be the only option. Plan ahead and replace your old AC on your schedule instead of when it’s an emergency expense.
  • Comfort and air quality
  • The convenience of avoiding unexpected breakdown hassles

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If you are in need of Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Tampa

Unfortunately, air conditioning repair is a part of life when you own an air conditioning system—but they don’thave to be a hassle! AM Aire can provide you with timely and affordable air conditioning repair services in Tampa- St. Petersburg- Clearwater, Florida so you’re home is never uncomfortable.

If you would like to find out more about AM Aire’s Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Specials

Repairing your air-conditioning system after it breaks down can be just as, if not more, expensive as repairing your car. Your air conditioner runs for thousands of hours, vibrating, shaking, turning, pumping, and under high pressure. Protect your investment and save money by contacting AM Aire to find out about our AC maintenance and service plans today.

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If you are considering the New Air Conditioning Installation Tampa

We offer 12 month no interest financing of parts and new equipment.

We understand how expensive air condition replacement can be, that’s why we offer a wide range of financing options. Contact AM Aire today for a free New Air Conditioning Installation Estimate.

Our New AC Installation Estimates include:

  • 90- to 120-minute professional estimate
  • We will conduct a full engineering analysis of your home or business and your existing equipment
  • Our specialists use the latest technology to perform a manual J load calculation for proper equipment sizing
  • We will inspect your duct system to ensure any issues are addressed
  • We will provide you with a proposal detailing the complete scope of work including equipment and labor
  • All AC installation experts are factory trained in the latest technologies and installation practices
  • All AM Air employees are background checked and drug screened.

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