A/C Energy Saving Tips - St. Petersburg FL & Surrounding Areas

A/C Energy Saving Tips - St. Petersburg FL & Surrounding Areas

Start reducing your monthly power bill with these A/C Energy Saving Tips for south Florida.

Did you know that your A/C and heating bill might be costing you hundreds if not thousands every month? This is because nearly 50 percent of your power bill is going towards your heating and cooling your home. Living in south Florida, it can be tempting to raise your thermostat to the extremes as each season changes, but that could be digging a deep hole in your pockets.

A/C Energy Saving Tips – Cut Costs In Half!

• Keep your A/C vents fully extended and uninstructed from furniture and window treatments

• Clean A/C ducts regularly to clear dust and other build ups that prevent airflow

• Check for stripping or cracking around your windows and doors

• Change your filters every three months and know that all filters are not created equal, we suggest using Merv-5-7 for maximum efficiency

• Consider switching to energy efficiency programs such as Energy Star units

• Know what to set your thermostat to 78° F summer time and 68° F in the winter

• Fill in gaps of your ductwork that may allow outside air to seep through

• Take advantage of the natural air on cooler days by shutting off unit and opening a window

• Shut your unit off when you’re away or lower it if you have pets and operate ceiling fans instead

• Replace your old thermostat to smart thermostats; smart ones have presets and energy saving setting build into their system

• Keep Maintenance Regular to ensure you are getting the most for your money

• Use window treatments such as blinds and curtains to cool down and warm your place (black out curtains, and window tenting works wonders)

For a better understanding of where your energy bill goes and more money saving tips; we suggest watching this informative video from EnergyStar on how to save money at home.


Is your aging A/C system causing you to throw hundreds of dollars out the window each month? Why not be sure?

Contact AM Aire today to schedule a review and diagnostic of your entire system. Our expert technicians will inspect each of your cooling and heating components and make sure they are working correctly. If one or more is not, we will recommend the best options for repair or replacement. You are not obligated to complete any repairs or replacements with us after this service.